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Haruhi fans unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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great art from great artist ! ~ :iconawwwplz:


.: PPGD Doodles :. by FnFiNdOART
.: PPGD Doodles :.
more of them :'D

please enjoy and leave a comment ! C:
.: Evil Love :. by FnFiNdOART
.: Evil Love :.
this pairing seriously needs more fanart ;_;'
.: Cover :. by FnFiNdOART
.: Cover :.
best title ever. :iconmingplz:

saw dexter and blossom in the CN comic's cover and decided to draw it :'D

uggghh so adorableeee :iconcraiplz:


as always-- please enjoy and leave a comment ! :'D
.: Happy Birthday ! :. by FnFiNdOART
.: Happy Birthday ! :.
for  : :iconkamiiberu:, Happy belated birthday ! :'D

...this is waaayyy past her birthday-- but I already promised her that I'll draw her a birthday gift as soon as my tablet fixed :'D

I'm sorry if it's too simple-- but I hope you like it ! :'D

please enjoy and leave a comment ! C:
.: DexBloss :. by FnFiNdOART
.: DexBloss :. have no idea how hard is it for me to draw them in their original style XD

but I'm pretty proud of the result ://D

these are my fav dexbloss moments, which one are yours ? c:

please enjoy and leave a comment ! :'D


السلام عليكم
Hello there, Thank you for visiting my page c:

Hope you enjoy my drawings ! ~

:iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz:

my epic rival : :iconfrogfiregirl15:

Awesomesauce people :

:iconmellieissogreen: :iconkongo217: :iconmissdanichan: :iconsaruru-chan: :iconhiyukee: :iconkanamichi-kun: :iconkamiiberu:

my sister : :iconlilicove:
my brother: :icondafufu5art:

:iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz:
I think I've been tagged by like... 5 to 6 people, but the only one that I remember is being tagged by HIM. ---- >:iconfanficdude: WHY FANFICDUDE, WHY. :iconcraiplz:

probably I remembered him just because we've been friends for a long time now, or he's one of my very first friend when I'm joining dA, I..I just I dunno. :iconimdarkplz:

So I guess I'll just answer his question, since I have a free time:'D and before I forgot to do this again D:
heh, sorry guys-- I'm really bad at remembering things ;_;'


1. whats the scariest fictional story you know (it can be a movie, story, or creepypasta)?
:bulletblue: oh,eep, it's in the middle of a midnight now in my country, and I'm all alone here in my room, I'm getting chills just by thinking about it. XD
hmm, let's see--I don't read or watch many scary story, but I do read a lot creepy pastas XD weird I know. uh, um... Lavender Town Syndrom is pretty scary-- Lost Silver is quite creepy too, oh, and of course, Sonic.exe.I literally screamed like a little girl when I saw Tails getting killed by evil sonic by the first time I saw it. XD

2. what youtube gamer is funnier, chuggaaconroy or (insert youtube gamer here)?
:bulletblue: ehm, PewDiePie :iconpewdiepieplz: will always be my favorite XD I always thought he's more into a comedian than a gamers, but whatever XD He stole my heart since the very first time I saw him on Youtube :iconhappytearplz:

but I must say Chuggaaconroy and PBG (PeanutButterGamer) are pretty funny too :'D

3. japanese music or american music?
:bulletblue: BOTH ! :iconlachoirplz: :icongawwplz:

4. if i told you that i killed your least favorite fictional charicter, will you KO me  and call 911 or laugh maniacly with me?
:bulletblue:wha- what, what did you- did you really do that ?  why ? :iconwaaa-plz:

for me ?  really ? :iconohdearplz:



:bulletblue: what wait where when who ? D:

6. blossom and dexter with bucket, cute or suggestive? (if you chose cute then you wont get suggestive)
:bulletblue: um, cute ? I don't understand how they with bucket will look suggestive XD

7. are those nacho cheese Doritos your eating? *looks at the bag hungerly*
:bulletblue:, YES ! *point at you* AND YOU'RE NOT GETTING ANY OF THESE. :iconsrslyoffendedplz:

8. if you can make any action fiction, what would it be and what would it be about?
:bulletblue: hum, you know--I'd love to draw an action fiction, but I don't have a lot of experience in drawing action scenes, so I don't think I can make one yet XD still have a long way to go to make one :'D

anyway, IF I can make an action fiction, I'll probably make something about Ninjas, or Spies-- yeah, something like that, it'll be awesome.

9. sould psychonauts have a sequel
:bulletblue: never heard that game before  :iconohdearplz: pleasedontkillmeplease.

10. who would win in a fight Hades… , kefka… or will the world be doomed and will end just like what happened if goku and superman fight

:bulletblue: asdfghjjk too many crossovers D: :iconexplosionplz:

----- ------ ------ --------

There we go-- NOW TIME FOR THE QUESTIONS. :iconhappyderpplz:

1. Do you have any phobias ? if you do, what is it ?
2. What's your favorite movies ?
3. If you could change everything, what would you change ?
4. Do you believe in magic ?
5. What's your favorite animals ?
6. What's your favorite memes ?
7. What do you think I should draw next ?
8. What do you think of arts ?
9. What talents do you have ? (other than drawing, of course :'D you are all great drawers ~)
10. What's your favorite joke/quotes ?

I will tag...
:bulletblue: :iconsaruru-chan:
:bulletblue: :iconkanamichi-kun:
:bulletblue: :iconpaunyanorange:
:bulletblue: :iconflavia0028:
:bulletblue: :icondarkangle1233:

etc-- I dunno, who to tag, so here you go XD
if you want me to tag you, feel free to comment below and tell me ! c:
have a nice day ~ :'D

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Prices (per character) :

:bulletblue: Pencil Sketch : 2 points
:bulletblue: Digital Sketch : 3 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors Sketch : 10 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors Lineart : 15 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors (Transparant background) : 15 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors with background : 20 points

please note me if you want to commish me, thank you ! :iconureshiiplz:

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