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Haruhi fans unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Gifts from various awesome artist :iconluvluvplz:

.:Fukiki-art trade-:. by TeddyLovesCandy Remember that time... by Frogfiregirl15 Honey for my honey :D by Frogfiregirl15 The yogurt theif by Frogfiregirl15 Random doodle lol XD by Frogfiregirl15 AT: Fukiki by OfficerFoxy Thank youz by Frogfiregirl15 Some things never change... by Frogfiregirl15 RQ: FukixDoro: One Heart by Hiyukee entire jawroro platoon by nuii700 GIFT: ChibiKeroAdventure by Doriri-chan I'M BAAAAAACK 8D by Frogfiregirl15 For FnF by heyarnold13 ppgd 3 worlds? people so far by ppgdblossom1 Pururu and Keroro sketch by MarieandKirby97 LwtS Opening Act: Danny by metalheadrailfan Bios for Much Ado about Bennettes/ShortmansHere is a complete list of the characters that will be appearing in my series of oneshots that is a spinoff to :iconsuprsingr: Life with the Shortmans
The Bennette Family (Matriarchial 1st Generation):bulletblue:
Character's given name: Andre Lucas Bennette
Nickname: Luc, Dre (affectionately called by his wife)
Homeland: Quebec Canada
Age: Will vary
Appearance: Slender, slightly muscular chest, around 6ft, spikey dark midnight hair, slightly tan complexion with dark brown eyes.
Clothing: He usually wears dark navy blue plaid shirts tucked into grey slacks with a big black belt and regular dress shoes.
Birthday: September 25,
Usual Moods: Relaxed, calm takes a lot to get him mad but when he is watch out!
Love Interest: Violetta Renauldt
Role Model: NA
Favorite Colors: Red and Green
Favorite movies: Loves to watch old black and white classics, musicals, favorites include anything with Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, and Judy Garland. Along with countless others
Favorite Music: Enjoys classi
me and fnf by mirror-dororo-dorara request:fukiki by mirror-dororo-dorara Love by heyarnold13 Collette by heyarnold13 nice to meet you fnfindoart and fukiki by mirror-dororo-dorara Epic Battle by heyarnold13 Request for.... by lilaily Big babe loves my pokemon by kongo217 Fukiki by bumdororoplz :thumb330789348: HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY FINNI-CHAN!!!! by Saruru-Chan Happy Birthday FnF! by heyarnold13 Want this freaking female pichu? by PixelNPaperJ850
Collette by heyarnold13 [BG] A Birthday Present by Kanamichi-Kun [GA]  I'll protect you by Kanamichi-Kun WTH...? (Uncolored) by heyarnold13 Questioning by heyarnold13 FnFiNdOART's request - rivals by Frogfiregirl15 Happy Thanksgiving my friends by kongo217 your the best fanficdude and fnfindoart by shadowheart123 HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEGIRL by kongo217
Battle: Taro vs. Collette by metalheadrailfan Empoleon Furuki by kongo217 LwtS: Opening Act by metalheadrailfan Gero gero gero~ by TeddyLovesCandy ppgd 3 worlds? people so far by ppgdblossom1 19th december by Tarulimint
Gift: .:Finni-Chan:. by Saruru-Chan Ask Moriri 2 by OniiChanMiku Orikero Fanarts by Kanamichi-Kun
For His Fangirls by bluelilyoffire3 Life With the Shortmans : Friends by KarinaWatchadoin Gift For Finni by Saruru-Chan Arella Logan: Sakutia Disease by PauNyanOrange Arella Logan: I look like mommy :3 by PauNyanOrange Gifts from Kalos Region by kongo217 Merry Christmas FnF by PauNyanOrange Gingerbread Fans by kongo217 Happy New Year !! xD by PauNyanOrange TakuFuki by Kanamichi-Kun Badass Woruru ! by Kanamichi-Kun Family fun by darkangle1233
Arella TTG style :3 by PauNyanOrange 039 - Complete by Hiyukee OC:Raphael by Mcatlike Sakutia by OniiChanMiku Giftart for FnFiNdOART ^^ by MarieandKirby97 Happy birthday Finni!! by Ayaeru Halloween Fun!! by kongo217 Happy Birthday ! by PauNyanOrange random birthday cardHELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FnFiNdOART
if you are reading this then HAPPY BIRTHDAY
id like too send you a present but i just got.......killed by.....something in spooky's house....but whatever, i hope this.......not e-card succesfully gets to you via internet wind
anyways *ahem*
happy birthday and happy am i writing this when i was killed???....must be some toon logic
The Game Museum 7 Spooky's house of Jump scares*somewhere in the shattered remains of the game dimention in a haunted house*
some adorable ghost girl that is not me: Hello everyone, this is Spooky, Fanficdude cannot be at the saftey of his home now he is now in my very home as we speak, he will attempt to review the game made by LAGstudios called Spooky's house of Jump scares, will he survive my abode of horror, or will he be trapped forever where lights are shunned
*where im at*
hey everyone fanficdude here and i have to say, this place is adorable *i walk through room after room* as you can see i am in a haunted house in the game dimention and i dont see anything scary right now, i know it'll come later but not no *a cute slime octopus cutout jumped in-front of me and spooked me* GAHH *i fell back then got back up* hahahaa oh see adorable
and seeing that Halloween is tomorrow and today is :iconfnfindoart: birthday and she makes cute drawings why not kill 2 birds with one makes sence right???? it a good idea??.


great art from great artist ! ~ :iconawwwplz:



.: SMB Sketches :. by FnFiNdOART
.: SMB Sketches :.
some of my doodles that I forgot to upload on deviantart :T
.: Meow :. by FnFiNdOART
.: Meow :.
I can't help but draw this-- he looks so cute in this form, okay ! >:T
.: Little Star :. by FnFiNdOART
.: Little Star :.
sorry I haven't been around lately-- I've been very busy with school and all :/ 

I don't think I can be around as much as I used to-- but at least I will upload something once in a while, even though it's a crappy one XP
so I hope this drawing can make it up to you ! :'D
.: MI Sketches :. by FnFiNdOART
.: MI Sketches :.
pfttt those characters are really,really fun to draw *u*
Mine is 3454-2864-3166

What's yours ? c:


السلام عليكم
Hello there, Thank you for visiting my page c:

Hope you enjoy my drawings ! ~

:iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz:

my epic rival : :iconfrogfiregirl15:

Awesomesauce people :

:iconmellieissogreen: :iconkongo217: :iconmissdanichan: :iconsaruru-chan: :iconhiyukee: :iconkanamichi-kun: :iconayaeru:

my sister : :iconlilicove:
my brother: :icondafufu5art:

:iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz: :iconcuteblueplz::iconcuteblueplz:
Mine is 3454-2864-3166

What's yours ? c:

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I dont draw :

:bulletblue: Hentai
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Prices (per character) :

:bulletblue: Pencil Sketch : 2 points
:bulletblue: Digital Sketch : 3 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors Sketch : 10 points
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:bulletblue: Full Colors (Transparant background) : 15 points
:bulletblue: Full Colors with background : 20 points

please note me if you want to commish me, thank you ! :iconureshiiplz:

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PauNyanOrange Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
FnF are you okay?
You don't upload anything for a loong time D:
(not even journals xD)
FnFiNdOART Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015
hey Pau ! it's been a while XD
I'm sorry for my sudden absence-- like usual, I've been very busy with my school, ^^'  but despite all that, I'm perfectly fine :'D

but gosh-- I'm so happy that you've noticed XD, thanks for asking ;u;
PauNyanOrange Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's been so long XD!
Thats good! I get worry when someone get absent for months xD Im glad you're okay :'D

Welcome! :D
MIZlovestacos Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your art is very cute! Especially your Peanuts and Teen Titans ones! :33
FnFiNdOART Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2015
aww, thank you ! >u< I'm glad that you like them ! 
MIZlovestacos Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Anytime sister/brother/dinosaur of ultimate power! :333
PauNyanOrange Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Remenber when I say in one version of Sonic Tails is a girl? xD
is this version, is pretty old…
Sorry, is in spanish c':
MarieandKirby97 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Remember that comic you told me about that got you into Dexter/Blossum?

Well, I found out the guy who makes them has a it is if you want to check it out:
Hiyukee Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Merry Christmas, FnF! :icongwompplz:
FnFiNdOART Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014
Sorry, but I don't celebrate christmas ^^;
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